Local Nvidia RTX 30 series prices confirmed and Xmas is cancelled

Debuted this week, Nvidia’s new line of RTX 30 series GPUs much-wowed the internet with up to 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM and support for 8K resolutions and the technology to fold time and space (probably). With great power, though, comes great budget discussions about how important is food and toilet paper, actually, because if you don’t eat, you don’t poop, and that’s basic science but don’t expect your family to recognise this innovative opportunity to be test subjects.

In the US, the prices start at $599 and go up to $1499, depending on the model number. Respectively, that’s about R10,000 and R25,000 – but exchange rates don’t necessarily mean much because import costs, taxes, and other things can increase those prices. By, like, a lot.

Evetech has updated its shop with a selection of MSI and ASUS Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs, and the “cheap” RTX 3070 model is R15,499. At the top, the RTX 3090 is R46,499. And those are the promo special prices.

A lot, remember.

You guys have a super duper weekend, because you’ve got some big decisions to make.

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