Estimated local Xbox Series X price leaked by Pringles

A new Pringles promo campaign with prizes including 46 Xbox Series X consoles has, perhaps inadvertently, revealed (popped?) the estimated cost per console in South Africa.

From 1 September to 15 October, promo Pringles box barcodes can be entered into the competition for a guaranteed one-week Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a chance to win one of the Xbox Series X consoles. According to the rules, posted on Facebook and subsequently re-posted on Twitter by NAG’s hardware bro Caveshen Rajman, the total estimated prize value of the consoles is R621,000 – that works out to R13,500 per console.

The “estimated” is important, obviously, because Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed the cost of the console even in the US, and between constantly inconstant exchange rates and the COVID-19 pandemic, that price is subject to some fluctuation. I wouldn’t expect it to be less than R15,000 myself, maybe as much as R20,000, but I’m also a total killjoy like that and optimism is for suckers.

Investing this with some credibility, however, is that industry analysts have predicted a $499-599 Xbox Series X launch price for some time now – that’s approximately R8,500-10,200, and with local prices generally more expensive than the rand-to-dollar exchange rate would imply, R13,500 is on par, comparatively, with previous launch prices. The Xbox One, for example, launched at $499 in the US, about R5,000 in 2013, and cost us R7,999 when it was first available here in 2014.

Lay down some plastic, there’s a new Dexter limited series in the works