Xbox South Africa confirms the local Xbox Series S price so you know how much to sell your kidneys for on the internet

Not that you should sell your kidneys on the internet, but we’ve talked about this, and besides, selling your kidneys on the internet is so 1998. This is the future, and you’ve got to get into bitcoin scams now, but for boring legal liability reasons, I’m also telling you not to get into bitcoin scams.

With the $299 Xbox Series S leaks on Tuesday cancelling months of work at Xbox HQ’s marketing department (sorry, guys), corporate has decided instead to go with emergency Plan Z and quit keeping secrets. The trailer that was also leaked? That one too. And this morning, Xbox South Africa joined the chat.

That’s more or less what we’d expected for the fun-sized console, because local prices are inevitably more expensive than the dollar-to-rand conversion would imply. Import duties, market fluctuations, bubble wrap, and other costs are factors too. You should also remember that US prices don’t include sales tax because it’s different from one state to the next, and can add up to 7.5 percent on top of the RRP. So a $299 console is, in reality, a $229 console, or about R5,500. And we ship our consoles from the EU, anyway, so the US price is irrelevant.

More significantly, maybe, R6,999 is the same price as the current-gen Xbox One S, but the Xbox Series S obviously features a lot of major hardware upgrades. From that perspective, it’s not a bad deal. And if the big boi Xbox Series X is $499 excluding sales tax, that’s approximately R9,000 so we can probably assume a local price of between R10,000 and R11,000 – which is actually less than what we’re expecting. Unless you’re a killjoy like me, and obstinately insisting it’s R15,000 minimum so you can feel smug if it is, and hyped if it isn’t. We can start a club!

At publish time, Xbox hasn’t confirmed the leaked 10 November launch date, but I guess we can let them keep one secret this week. Pretend to be surprised, like, omg, 10 November, I’m so surprised.

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