Justice Sucks: Recharged

Ever wanted to play as a Roomba on a murder rampage? Well…

Justice Sucks: Recharged will have you scooting around a Neo-90s multiverse, totally sucking in the name of blood vengeance. A Roompage, if you will.

Developed by Australian indie studio Samurai Punk, as a sequel to Roombo: First Blood, Justice Sucks: Recharged sets you on a sneaky Roomba rampage after your family is murdered and you’re kicked into “the TV dimension”. You’ll travel through a number of 90s pop culture-inspired sandbox worlds as an innocuous Roomba, hacking and haemorrhaging your way to justice. Suck up the blood and viscera for bonus blood powers – also cleanliness! Wear a cat! The possibilities are endless and covered in gore!

It’s sort of like Untitled Goose Game if things got real.

Justice Sucks: Recharged is coming soon to PC via Steam, but you can try out the PAX Online demo ahead of time if you’re intrigued.

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