Respawn to remove single tree from Apex Legends because it feeds on blood

The plaintive cry of an Apex Legend fan has been heard by Respawn and they will be looking into repositioning the game’s most dangerous tree.

Reddit user kolkoin recently requested that a troublesome tree be removed from an area just outside Skull Salvage on the Kings Canyon map. Turns out, this particular tree is to blame for a number of untimely deaths due to its proximity to the wall. Basically, if you’re not paying attention, it’s possible to get jammed up between the tree and the wall in the middle of a fight, leading to less than optimal outcomes.

Biding its time

And Respawn was listening, judging by the response from the Apex dev RSPN_Absudist:

o7 it will be done!
(it might be a little bit before this gets in to live.. I’m sorry about that!)
(thank you for calling this out! It’s actually really helpful to see pain points like this, since it helps guide what will need extra focus when going forward!)

Although, in the spirit of Arbour Month, maybe they can just move the tree?

Amusingly, my squadmate and I died to the very same tree mere moments after discussing this very thing. So, obviously it’s cursed. Yes, perhaps you could just blame poor spatial awareness and positioning, but murder trees that thirst only for the blood of the not-quite-innocent are more fun.

Do not speak of the tree. The tree craves only death.

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