Roccat Kain 122 Aimo gaming mouse review

Right-handed ergonomic
Apex Interactive

Everyone loves a good sleeper device, something that has no right to be as good as it is. Maybe it’s ugly, or uncomfortable, or awkward to use, but there’s just something about it that works, and when it clicks, it’s quite something.

Click being the operative word because that sleeper device is Roccat’s Kain 122 Aimo gaming mouse, a USB-powered wired boi that surprised the sceptic out of me.

At first glance, you would be forgiven for dismissing the oddly-shaped Kain 122 as a generic, medium-sized, right-hand-ergonomic gaming mouse with silly accenting, like a billion others on the market. I know I sure did. And the truth is, it is that. I’m not a fan of its looks at all, but I do have a medium-sized right hand. And while this thing was in my hand, it was a clicking good time.

The Kain 122 has a weirdly comfortable shape and size for palm or fingertip grippers. The shell is a combination of hard plastic and brushed aluminium, and sports the usual left and right mouse button – interestingly, the left mouse button is smaller – along with two left-side buttons, and a giant DPI profiler switch button in the middle. I quite enjoyed the mouse clicks, they were extremely crisp and had no pre-travel, making for an instant and satisfying feel.

Aiming wasn’t half-bad either, thanks to the Owl-eye optical sensor, capable of up to 16,000dpi (though I keep it at 80), with very little lift-off distance. The braided USB cable added very little resistance, and was twisted slightly upwards out-of-the-box, which kept it from creating friction on my mouse mat. A very nice touch, if (not?) intentional.

For all intents and purposes, the Kain 122 is a gaming mouse. Which means it must have RGB. Blinding RGB. Eye-searingly bright neon RGB. I cannot stress this enough. Though it does look great, I wish I could decrease the brightness a bit, because when my hand wasn’t actually on the mouse, it regularly pulled my attention away from my screen.

Gratefully, the Roccat Swarm software does allow turning off the RGB (I’m not a fan of completely turning off RGB, especially since it’s priced into the cost of the mouse). It is otherwise a rather generic piece of software, with the usual customisation options including DPI profiles, button assignments, and toggling some Windows pointer options.

Perhaps the biggest criticism I have of this mouse is the asking price. Roccat generally exists in-between the budget and premium gaming brands, subsequently ending up feeling like overpriced gamer-centric nonsense, and the same sentiment carries through here. I quite enjoyed my time with the Kain 122, and I can certainly recommend it for anyone with no consideration for money. If pressed for a purchasing decision at the same price point, there are equivalent if not better options for cheaper right now. So in that regard, it’s a much tougher recommendation.

Roccat Kain 122 Aimo gaming mouse
Satisfying clicks
Braided cable is excellent
Comfortable for longer gaming sessions
RGB is very RGB
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