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Potentially accidental glitch solves most of Red Dead Online’s problems

Player numbers are down in Red Dead Online and it’s amazing.

Red Dead Online has had its fair share of problems since launch, from stability issues to missing content, but fans have noticed a distinct lack of other human players lately and it seems to have fixed some of the biggest concerns – random disconnects, reduced animal spawns, and a lack of random encounters. RDO is alive again and it seems to be because, much of the time, the lobbies only have one or two actual humans in them.

In the before times, prior to the Naturalist update and the subsequent rollback of an update that followed, RDO lobbies would regularly reach 24 players. Now, many people are logging on (across all platforms) to find lobbies of just seven people or less. On the weekend, it was just me and one other person, who eventually disappeared. It was glorious – I got mauled by so many animals. There’s so much to do, some people are finding it all a bit overwhelming.

Rockstar, as usual, hasn’t mentioned whether the change to lobby sizes was an intentional fix for all the game’s stability issues, but some people are still reporting the occasional full lobby, so it doesn’t seem like it was planned. And, yes, this obviously reduces the potential for PvP encounters, but if you’re playing RDO for the PvP, you’re doing it wrong.

Via Eurogamer.

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