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Call of Duty League moves to PC, keyboard and mouse play banned

The 2021 season of Call of Duty League has begun and the previously console-exclusive competition is moving to PC. Before you hyperventilate, everyone has to use a controller.

According to a recent Call of Duty League blog post, the professional level competition will be transitioning to PC with the 2021 season, but everyone has to play using a controller – no keyboard and mouse allowed. Players will have an “expanded choice” of League-approved controllers to select from and more details on allowed peripherals will be coming soon.

Then, another first, Call of Duty Challengers (the amateur arm of CoD League) will feature online crossplay between PC and console. However, competitors must also all be using controllers and no mouse and keyboard combos will be allowed. Any LAN Challengers events will also be played on PC only, just like the pro league.

Up until now, professional Call of Duty League has been played exclusively on PlayStation 4, mostly due to Activision’s partnership with Sony. The move to PC has been praised by many professional players, as PC is seen as being more advanced than console, but there is a concern about hackers. PC play is notorious for cheaters, so Activision is going to need some serious anti-cheat software if Call of Duty League is going to survive the transition.

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