Xbox Game Pass clocks 15 million subscribers

Next to its how-much-lol $7.5 billion ZeniMax Media acquisition announcement yesterday, Microsoft has also confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass subscriber number is up 50 percent since April and counting. It’s probably not entirely coincidental.

That’s five million more subscribers in five months, and with xCloud streaming support and the future launches of “Bethesda’s iconic franchises” on Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox Series X and S consoles in November, I guess Microsoft is expecting a lot more signups by the end of 2020.

Debuted on Xbox One in 2017 and PC in 2019, it’s obvious now that Xbox Game Pass was Microsoft’s strategic investment in its next-gen prospects, and the inevitable expansion from hardware and exclusives into services. In the US, the Xbox All Access 24-month subscription even includes the console. As a gamer and media nerd, it’s been an absolutely fascinating tech evolution to watch in real-time – I remember when the Xbox Live Arcade increased its maximum game size to 1GB and it was a big deal. This morning, I pre-ordered my Xbox Series X with a 1TB SSD, and I dunno if that’s even enough space for the next Call of Duty.

MultiVersus Going Into Beta Next Week
MultiVersus Heading Into Beta Next Week