Ring Always Home Cam

Welcome to the future – we have autonomous, flying, home security drones now

Their only weakness? Closed doors. Also probably pets.

Manufacturers of smart security systems Ring recently announced their latest home protection device – the Always Home Cam. The Always Home Cam is meant to replace the need for multiple cameras because it can fly; either patrolling your home autonomously on a path of your choosing, or with you behind the controller, upsetting the cat.

The drone cam can also be programmed only to take to the air if it senses a security disturbance. And, if you were worried about being secretly watched while in your own home, the Always Home Cam makes an audible noise when it’s recording. It also only records while flying. You should probably also have a chat about boundaries with your roommates/family.

Mostly, it’s a fancy way to check that you turned the oven off/closed that one window/left your lunch on the kitchen counter. Back in my day, we just spent the day wracked with anxiety, but whatever. The Always Home Cam will be available to protect your dwelling compound/secret lab/fortress of solitude some time in 2021.

Regarding the reveal, I’m not sure why any criminal would run from a little house drone unless it could be modded to add laser turrets. Can it be modded to add laser turrets? Asking for a friend…

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