Crusader Kings 3 update fixes promiscuous AI, makes cannibalism “more hygienic”

As if the prospects of accidental castration and banging the Pope weren’t compelling enough reasons to play the game, the new Crusader Kings 3 update list has even more – “women will now be punished for having too few consorts”, for example, and “you will no longer be stressed out if a spouse you dislike dies”.

I mean, what other game includes things like this in its update list:

Restricted the Intrigue(Scheming) event “Confused Heritage” to players only, as the AI was going a bit wild with it and turning everyone into bastards unnecessarily

Or this, whatever it even means:

Made cannibalism more hygienic & mod-friendly

Not that this kind of thing endorsed by the Vatican, though:

The Pope can no longer publicly accept cannibalism

And these:

Historical characters will no longer be their own parent

People will no longer judge you harshly for breaking a betrothal to a eunuch

Your wife will now leave your kids behind if she flees your tyranny

The game will no longer tell you to take more concubines when you’ve had enough

You are no longer malnourished and obese for life

You can no longer be tortured to confess a secret you don’t know

You can now scheme to claim thrones even while feasting

You’ll no longer get events in third person about how virtuous you are

Having concubines no longer protects you from forcefully becoming a concubine

More controversially, perhaps, the update also scrubs out the “North Korea mode” exploit – a fan feature of previous games in the series – in which a player could subjugate incorporate enough constituencies to cancel out the tax penalties. I dunno, I think cannibalism is probably more fun anyway.

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