Singapore Airlines A380

To ease a travel-starved nation, Singapore Airlines is turning an A380 jet into a temporary restaurant

Because everyone knows the best part of international travel is the time spent on the plane.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into lockdown, putting a temporary end to the majority of international travel, airlines have been having a particularly tough time. It’s also making those familiar with a more jet-setting lifestyle sad and we can’t have that. So, in order to help ease some of the pain of having to stay home all year, Singapore Airlines is turning one of its A380 jets into an exclusive dining experience.

Restaurant A380@Changi will be open for one weekend in October. For an undisclosed (but probably exorbitant) price, diners will be able to board the grounded A380 and choose from specially crafted local and international meals (beef or chicken?), with complimentary alcohol and soft drinks. They can then settle in and watch a Singapore Airlines documentary on the seat-back entertainment unit, while perusing their amenity kit, and taking in the ambience.

That’s cool and all, the A380 is maximum fancy, but it’s only an authentic travel experience if they run out of whatever you wanted just before they get to you and then you get trapped behind the dining cart on your way back from the bathroom.

I can’t make fun of the idea of eating airline food out of choice, though, because Singapore Airlines’ meals are legit delicious – fight me.

Via Business Insider.

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