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Borderlands 3 is getting a new game mode and it’s not battle royale

Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford recently hinted at a new game mode for Borderlands 3 in an interview with GameSpot. It’s called Arms Race and it’s not a battle royale even though it sounds sort of a lot like a battle royale.

Pitchford is super excited about Arms Race, but couldn’t say much about it, other than it being like “a totally new game” that “changes everything” and makes the gun game “really matter”. Also, it will have the power to suck in CoD players and battle royale enthusiasts, but won’t be as appealing to those who are after more “narrative experiences”.

I have a feeling some Call of Duty folks are going to turn their head and go, ‘Wait a minute. What’s this?’ Even some battle royale people are going to go, ‘That sounds interesting. I want to check that out.’ It’s not a battle royale game, though. So we’re not doing that.

Not a battle royale, but close enough to bring in the battle royale crowd, but also like CoD…

So, the CoD franchise has this multiplayer, free-for-all game mode, called Gun Game, in which you start with a basic gun that upgrades every time you kill an enemy. The winner is the player that makes it through all the tiers. Maybe Arms Race will be something like that.

That’s all we know, for now, but Gearbox will be releasing more details about Arms Race later in the month.

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