Blood of Zeus

Netflix’s Blood of Zeus is basically Castlevania for Ancient Greece

There’s a long wait yet for the next season of Netflix’s Castlevania, so why not whet your unquenchable appetite for animated exsanguination with Blood of Zeus?

With a war brewing between the ancient gods of Olympus and the monstrous spawn of the titans, lowly commoner Heron discovers he is the son of mighty Zeus. This means he has inherited some pretty sweet godly gifts which will come in handy when fighting the demon army on mankind’s doorstep.

If the animation is looking a little familiar, this anime-style series is brought to you by Powerhouse Animation Studios, the same team responsible for the rather excellent Castlevania adaptation. So, you should also expect a lot of blood. I mean, it’s right there in the title. The first season should include eight episodes although I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere, yet.

Technically, being the son of Zeus isn’t that special because Zeus was notoriously incapable of keeping it in his pants (somebody hide the swans), but, y’know, storytelling.

Blood of Zeus is coming to Netflix on 27 October 2020. Season 4 of Castlevania should be out some time towards the end of 2021.

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