The Red Lantern

The Red Lantern is like The Long Dark but with dogs

And now I want puppers in the The Long Dark. The wolves do not take kindly to petting.

Developed by Timberline Studio, The Red Lantern is a story-driven, rogue-lite survival game in which you must find your way home through the Alaskan wilderness with your team of five sled dogs. You adopt the dogs, train them up, feed them, love them, give them all the pats, and then potentially drive them into an oncoming bear, because it’s the Alaskan wilderness and this is all about survival.

If that sounds a little too traumatic, the developer recently confirmed that you can disable dog death. They will still get injured, which will have repercussions for your game, but you won’t have to say good-bye to your goodest boys and girls. They have also avoided “depicting gratuitous suffering and violence”. Which should be comforting to all the dog people out there.

This game has serious The Long Dark vibes, from the snowy setting with its soothing colour pallet and simple yet gorgeous graphics, to the soundtrack and survival mechanics. Which means I’m spiritually obligated to give it a go.

The Red Lantern is due to launch on 22 October 2020 for PC (EGS) and Nintendo Switch.

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