Mechanical Keyboard Food

There’s a little something on your keyboard

Do you like mechanical keyboards? How about tiny food and puns? How about those things all mushed together?

Created by custom keycap artist Tiny, Smorgasboard is a mechanical keyboard with all 61 keys replaced by miniature food that’s been hand-crafted out of resin and polymer clay. Before you start, it’s not meant to be functional – it’s art. Also, it technically is functional, it’s just really unwieldy to use with any efficiency.

Tiny put the food board together over a period of 11 months, documenting the process on TikTok. It features food types beginning with the appropriate letter of the alphabet for the letter keys while many of the other keys are visual puns (like a cinnamon roll for @ and a pretzel for &) or ideas suggested by her followers. The least practical being the candy floss Ctrl key made out of fluffy felt.

Custom keycaps are common in the mechanical keyboard community, allowing for some personal expression, although they’re not usually this extreme. If they are, it’s usually only for one or two keys, otherwise actually using the keyboard would become problematic and why would you get a mechanical keyboard if you didn’t want to make it go clicky clack all day?

You can get an explanation for the keys, as well as witness a glorious type test, in the video below:

Tiny has no intention of selling the Smorgasboard; she simply loves it too much.

Via Gizmodo.


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