Respawn fixed that super-irritating Pathfinder bug in Apex Legends

We didn’t get the Sentinel back, but at least Pathfinder’s shoulder won’t block out half the screen any more.

Respawn released a little patch for Apex Legends yesterday to address three items of concern, the most important of which was the tendency for Pathfinder’s shoulder to block out half the player’s view after using Grapple.

So, obviously, everyone’s still complaining. Mostly about the fact that Wraith doesn’t Naruto-run any more.

When, actually, they should be complaining about the general lack of stability the Aftermarket event has brought to the game. Not an eve goes by lately without getting stuck “connecting to lobby” after a match, random errors during matchmaking, or the server crashing at least once. You get to keep your challenge progress, so that’s nice.

It’s not all bad, though – you get to Champion Squad for coming 0th out of 20. Who can be angry about that?

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