Doom Eternal Fridge

DOOM Eternal on a smart fridge, because why not?

You’ve seen classic DOOM running on a pregnancy test, now here’s DOOM Eternal running on a smart fridge. It’s all as the meme-fathers predicted.

Although, playing on a fridge is a far less impressive feat since the Xbox Game Pass comes with xCloud streaming functionality now (in other countries), meaning you can play DOOM Eternal, and anything else on the Pass, on whatever Android device lets you. In this case, Richard Mallard (otherwise known as Twisted420 on Twitch) projected the Xbox Game Pass from his Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to his Samsung smart fridge using Smart View. And this is the future we deserve.

You can watch Mallard play a couple of different games on his fridge, including DOOM Eternal, below:

Now it’s not ideal, there’s a bit of latency that’s gonna happen, but this, theoretically, it works.

Also, forcing your smart fridge to play Battle Toads is probably how the robot apocalypse kicks off. The absolute lack of respect.

DOOM on a fridge does have superior snacking potential, but there are more comfortable ways to play. I mean, DOOM Eternal is coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point this year and that means you get to play it on the toilet.

Stay frosty.

Via GameSpot.

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