Apex Legends Horizon

Horizon prematurely confirmed as next Legend to join the Apex Games

If the introduction trailer for her accidentally unlocked for you, that is.

Log in to Apex Legends and you’ll be greeted by a curious audio message asking for a favour if you’ll just… HOW ABOUT THAT CHAMPION EDITION? DON’T YOU WANT TO BUY IT? Then, because an ad interrupted the clip, you’ll go to the internet to find out what it was all about. Turns out, you have to go to the Firing Range, where there’s now a monitor to activate and an audio clip of a mystery person asking you to help her out with some science.

The screen is just black (apparently it’s supposed to be) and once the audio ends you stand about in the Firing Range wondering if you’re meant to be doing something. Once you get back to the lobby, you’ll be greeted with some new challenges as part of A Wee Experiment. Don’t worry; they’re super easy and you have four weeks to get through the whole thing which involves activating the Gravity Lifts on both maps. Also, complete them all, go back to the Firing Range, and you might get to watch the official Horizon introduction trailer which wasn’t meant to be available for another two weeks – oops.

So, that was a super-smooth introduction to Horizon. Who appears to be another scientist with a robo-buddy, but with the ability to manipulate gravity this time.

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