The Long Dark Darkwalker

A malevolent force stalks The Long Dark for spooky season

Up the anxiety of surviving the quiet apocalypse with Escape the Darkwalker, an upcoming game mode for The Long Dark that will test your map knowledge, listening skills, and maybe your sphincter.

According to their latest Dev Diary, Hinterland Games is embracing the horror potential of their weirdly Zen survival experience with Escape the Darkwalker replacing the traditional Four Days of Night Halloween special game mode, this year. In Escape the Darkwalker, you are being stalked by an invisible entity that does not like you and wants you dead. So, you better keep moving if you’re going to survive as a long as possible.

You can play in any region, but it will only be “safe” for 30 real-time minutes before a toxic fog descends on the land. Once the fog takes over, the region becomes impassable, so I hope you’ve got all those transitions mapped.

But, if it’s invisible, how will you know when the Darkwalker is nearby? Oh, gentle survivor, just listen for its footsteps, its mournful cries, and the inevitable build of spooky music as it closes in on you. And you can’t hurt the Darkwalker, only slow it down with tactical use of a limited supply of spray-painted glyphs. Did I mention it’s perpetual night?

Escape the Darkwalker will be running from 29 October to 12 November. Take part, and you’ll get access to a new Endless Night Custom Mode and other special unlocks.

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