StarCraft II

Faith before fear as Blizzard ends new content development for StarCraft II

It’s been 10 years since StarCraft II was released and now the development team is moving on to the future of the franchise. Before you hyperventilate, the competitive esports contingent will continue as normal and the game isn’t dead.

Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that they will be ending new content development for StarCraft II so that they can focus on what’s next for the StarCraft franchise as a whole.

What this means is that we’re not going to be producing additional for-purchase content, such as Commanders and War Chests, but we will continue doing season rolls and necessary balance fixes moving forward.

War Chests are basically StarCraft’s answer to the Battle Pass mechanic used by a lot of games these days. You buy a seasonal War Chest and move your way up the levels, by playing the game, to earn cosmetic loot, with a different War Chest for each race. A free rewards tier was added in 2019 and the last War Chest (6) was released in June this year, but this news means there probably won’t be a War Chest 7. Commanders are purchasable, playable characters that can be used in co-op mode.

We know some of our players have been looking forward to some of the things we’re moving away from, but the good news is this change will free us up to think about what’s next, not just with regard to StarCraft II, but for the StarCraft universe as a whole.

It’s not the end of everything, though, and StarCraft esports will “continue going strong as it has been”.

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