No Man’s Sky Gets Even Better With Update 4.6

Everyone remembers the release of No Man’s Sky. It promised massive galaxies and the best space exploration that anyone had ever seen, but it fell a little short of that expectation.

Eight years have since passed, and the team behind the game, Hello Games, has, without a doubt, restored people’s faith in them by delivering everything they promised and more.

Now, in their 27th update, Hello Games is dropping even more content into the game.

No Man’s Sky: Orbital puts focus on space stations. Each station interior will now be procedurally generated depending on the system and locale you find it in and the race you’re playing. There is also a lot more space for things to take place inside space stations.

New shops have been added for players to interact with, including guild shops that will offer different items depending on how high up in the ranks you are in the guild. Another hugely requested feature that has finally been added is the ship editor.

This will allow you to create your very own custom ship that is unique to you. Parts to use in your designs can be salvaged from crashed ships throughout the galaxy.

If commanding fleets is more up your alley, well, you’re in luck there, too. This update allows you to create your own fleet of ships that you can send out to remote battles and do your bidding. Players will also be able to warp to their fleets and help them out should they receive any sort of distress calls.

There are a few more updates being added to the game, including a lighting system update and a refresh on markets, but you can have a look at the full details over on the No Man’s Sky webpage.

If you’ve yet to dive into the galaxies unknown, No Man’s Sky is currently running at a 50% sale on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox, or you can grab it for free on Game Pass. There’s also a Nintendo Switch option available for those who feel like exploring on the go.