Sorry, but we’re not hiring. Unless we are. It kind of depends on who’s asking.

So, who’s asking?

But first, some important factors you should know about working for NAG before deciding that it’s, like, totally you.


This is a website (like, duh), and it features a lot of text. And that’s not some absurd anachronistic eccentricity in a generation of corporate-sponsored YouTube Let’s Play videos – much like the magazine before it, NAG is a text-based publication, with a focus on text and also subtext. This is text, for example, and the subtext is implied.

The thing is, working for NAG is mostly about working with text. Games too, obviously, but through the medium of text. You know, writing. And if you love games, that’s super fun, but if you don’t also love writing, or worse, you don’t even know how to use an apostrophe or the difference between a transitive and intransitive verb or think that politics are irrelevant or whatever, this probably isn’t the job for you. It’s not a gaming job, it’s a writing job. It’s a job writing about games. The distinction is subtle, perhaps, but significant, and even technical proficiency in spelling isn’t necessarily enough. Or ever enough.

Next up, the uncompromising reality of, you know, reality. A job writing about games is seldom a viable full-time career prospect, and our limited budget can’t adequately accommodate your dreams of not ever getting dressed. Although we do pay for freelance content, assignments are entirely on an ad hoc basis and our rates won’t cover your Cape Town home loan, sorry.


Besides being a decent writer, obviously, and a South African resident, we don’t have non-negotiable prerequisites for freelancers. But…

  • For game review purposes, we do prefer writers who own more than one platform, and have subscriptions to Xbox Live and/or PSN for multiplayer. We get codes for PC and console, so versatility is sexy like that.
  • First-language English is bonus XP.
  • Access to and experience with a graphics editor like Photoshop is also bonus XP.
  • Experience with a CMS like WordPress is ++ bonus XP.
  • So what if a game isn’t “historically accurate”, omg. Actually, this one is non-negotiable.


So, you’ve made it to this paragraph without noping out in disgust. Here’s the deal:

  • You can send a submission to
  • This submission must include an introduction of sorts – tell us about yourself, and why you want to write about games for NAG.
  • This submission must also include some samples or links to samples of your writing.
  • We try to respond to every submission but if you don’t get one, it’s a swipe left.