Let it not be said that I don’t write about sports games. Also, I’m pretty sure that I reviewed FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa for this very website. Hang on a minute I’m just going to check that wild claim… Oh look! I totally did.

Considering I haven’t spoken about a sports game for around three years now, I think it’s high time I wrote about the genre I know next to nothing about; or absolutely nothing about depending on how good your knowledge of sports games is.

Peek/poke Studios is a two-man development team based at home here in South Africa. They’re busy putting the finishing touches on their new game called Cricket Heroes. The game is described as an arcade-like cricket simulator with management elements. Don’t let the adorable presentation fool you; as far as Peek/Poke is aware, Cricket Heroes is the “most comprehensive and accurate cricket game on the market right now.”