The annual Tokyo Game Show is about to kick off later on this month (18-21 September). That means a number of companies are hosting pre-event press conferences where they can make all their announcements without running the risk of getting drowned out by the hubbub of the general show. Sony just hosted theirs, during which a number of reveals and announcements were made.

For a start, the Dragon Quest IP is finally making its way back to Sony hardware. It’s been eight years since the franchise graced a PlayStation, with Dragon Quest 8 being the last iteration. Now, Square Enix and Sony have unveiled Dragon Quest Heroes. It’s not an RPG in the usual vein, but rather a Dragon Quest meets Dynasty Warriors mashup not too dissimilar to the recently announce Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. Dragon Quest Heroes will launch on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 next year. You can check out a reveal trailer after the jump.