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Local Xbox One bundles confirmed by Microsoft SA


Microsoft South Africa has fired out a press release detailing the two bundle options that will be available to us when the Xbox One launches here on 23 September.

We already knew that we’d get two options: one that includes Kinect and another cheaper option that doesn’t. Microsoft has now updated the bundle contents information, and there’s some nice news for Xbox fans: you’ll be able to get your hands on one of those “Day One” controllers that launched with the first wave of consoles in the US. Presumably ours will have “2014” on it. Or maybe just “Sorry to keep you waiting”?

If you want to snatch up one of those coveted controllers, then you’ll need to pony up for the larger of the two bundles. This version comes with: a 500GB Xbox One console, the new Kinect sensor, one Xbox One Day One limited edition Wireless Controller, an HDMI cable, a chat headset, a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members and a digital copy of FIFA 15 and Dance Central Spotlight. This package will cost R7, 999.99.

Alternatively, the Kinectless version includes: a 500GB Xbox One console, Xbox One Wireless Controller, an HDMI cable, a chat headset, a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members, and digital copies of Forza Motorsport 5 and FIFA 15. This package costs R6,299.99.

The press release also noted that FIFA 15 will only launch locally on 26 September for Xbox One, which means your download code will only be active from that date.

Many retailers have already begun taking pre-orders, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for the Xbox One, it’s time to bring out the credit card or smash open that piggybank.

  • Wesley Fick

    And unsurprisingly the Kinect-less model actually has the better bundle. So, win-win?

    • Miklós Szecsei

      Yeah, Forza 5 versus Dance Central? I’ll take Forza 5 any day. You can keep your FIFA 15 though; I’m hopeless at sportsing in video games. Actually I’m hopeless in sportsing out of video games too. Actually, I’m just hopeless.

      • Wesley Fick

        You can’t be that bad. Have you played the soccer mini-game in Rayman Legends? I’m hopeless at FIFA but I can kick ass at that.

      • BinaryMind


      • James

        Well i highly doubt there will be many decent kinect games this time around either (including that one you mentioned)

  • Brightest Light

    C’mon FNB!

  • Taariq Clark

    What exactly does the kinect do lol other than identify the player, voice command and?… If there isnt really a benefit for it then use the saved money for another control?

    • Wesley Fick

      Skype, you forgot Skype. And a backdoor device into your living room that has a microphone and camera that is always on.

      • Taariq Clark

        Aaaagh no need for skype, will skype off my phone . Nah dont need Microsoft seeing what I do lol. I am just intrigued by the voice commands. But other than that I can buy a new control and a game with the cash I saved on the Kinect.

  • Emjay

    Hmmm, do I buy immediately, or do I wait for the price to drop a bit….or option number 3: go for a PS4…

    • Domnique Zeiler

      I’m seriously considering just getting a PS4…

  • Dave Aldworth

    Considered getting one of these, and then ordered a new board, CPU, memory and case instead. No regrets!


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