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The NGL has announced their first tournament for 2014 – the Aorus Corsair DOTA 2 Clash. Partnering with local distributors Rectron, this tournament will begin with online qualifiers and culminate in a final event to be held at the annual rAge Expo in October. Eight teams will make it through to the final event and will compete for R275,000 worth of gaming hardware prizes, sponsored by Aorus and Corsair.

Registrations for this event are now open and clans looking to sign up can do so here. Registrations will close on 15 August 2014 and the event kicks off with one of four online qualifiers which will be held over the course of August and September on the following Sundays – 24 & 31 August and 14 & 21 September.

“We are really excited about being part of rAge this year. We look forward to showcasing Rectron’s gaming brands, which include the likes of Corsair, GIGABYTE, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, Aorus, BenQ and Cooler Master at our stand. Over and above the products on display, our stand will include 10 gaming stations set up to host the knock out rounds of the Aorus & Corsair DOTA 2 Clash Tournament, complete with Twitch streams, and a local DOTA 2 shoutcaster. Here gamers from around the country will compete for amazing prizes from Aorus and Corsair, in a spectator friendly environment, and hopefully give an insight into competitive gaming to a wider audience.” – Francois Rheeders, Product Manager at Rectron.

Prizes for the final at rAge will be awarded to the top 3 placed teams, and look like this:

1st Place

5 x Aorus X7 Gaming Laptop and Backpacks

2nd Place

5 x Corsair and GIGABYTE Sponsored Gaming Rigs
Specification (subject to availability at the time):
– Corsair Graphite 380T Mini-ITX Gaming Chassis
– Corsair CX600M Modular 80Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply
– GIGABYTE Z97N-Gaming 5 Mini-ITX Motherboard
– INTEL Core I7 4790 3.60GHz Processor
– Corsair H75 Hydro CPU Cooler
– Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB 1600MHz CL9 Memory kit
– Corsair Force LS 120GB Solid State Hard Drive
– GIGABYTE GTX760 2GB Overclocked Edition

3rd Place

5 x Corsair Gaming Peripheral Bundles
Specification (subject to availability at the time):
– Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Gaming Headset
– Corsair K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
– Corsair M65 Laser Gaming Mouse
– Corsair MM200 Standard Mouse Pad


We spoke to NGL Tournament Director Frikkie Jansen van Rensburg to find out what his thoughts are after a years hiatus in the local eSports scene.

“NGL is back.  After one long year we are back.  Bigger than ever before.  Better than ever before. This time we are not going anywhere.  It’s been hard on me the last few years sitting and thinking back on the good old days of NGL 2011 and 2012.  The good old Black Ops days with my good friend Janseng making it his mission to force me to walk in front of a truck.  The never ending arguing about rules and regulations and this that and the other.  The amazing plays we saw every week.  The rAge Finals I will never forget.  The 2012 League of Legends Finals at rAge where we got our asses handed to us by the still SA Champion team.  Those were the days.  To try and explain how I’ve been feeling over the last couple of years has sort of been like staring at that 20 year-old Brandy and telling yourself it’s going to be good, but let’s not open it now.  Let’s wait a while.  Depressing and exciting in one emotion.  Well it’s been opened and now it is just excitement.  I hope to see some of the “old” guys & girls soon.”

Schedule, format, rules, and all other details are available on the NGL Site:

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  • Pieter

    It is the same time as DGC?

    • Warwick


      • Chris

        But… why not split the dates T_T

        • Cyrus

          Coz there’s only one Rage a year and seeing as NAG (read NGL) owns Rage they are in full rights to host tournaments when and where they want. I believe there are more than enough teams in this country and we as a community should support both and make sure both get enough exposure, even though they cant have the same teams participating.

          Show to the sponsors that there is room for 2 tournaments and then in future we could see it on different dates and have another big event such as Rage at a different time in the year.

          • Guardien

            At the beginning of the year there were over 200 teams registered for DGL Dota 2. So we believe that this community has sufficient teams and interest to support more than one tournament at any given point. Having two at rAge means that more teams will get to play and more teams get the opportunity to win prizes.

          • drgroen

            That’s such a bullshit reason, if you really gave any shits about growing esports in South Africa, you wouldn’t put two big events on the same date. But yeah lets just continue to have shit leagues and lans(who dont pay out) throughout the year and then have a dick stroking contest at a single lan.

          • Guardien

            So you’re saying that the current leagues for Dota 2 in SA are all shit and that all the LAN events so far don’t pay out. Thanks so much for that insightful and mature input.

          • Francois De Sousa

            People just be mad because while they gunning for 1st at RAGE, they cant for this tournament. Seriously, think of it this way. You get you guys who are the more recognized oaks jamming at RAGE, then you get the more up and coming players who couldn’t make it for RAGE but can participate in this. At least its not going to be all about bravado etc on both tourneys.

          • Jason

            The main thing is that the teams competing at DGC, the best players in the country, have a prize pool smaller than the one being given to the 2nd tier South African players. There’s a sense of injustice – as even the teams participating in DGC know they have a pretty low shot of even making top 3.

          • drgroen

            Your reply was : Because there are so many teams, we might as well have two big events on the same day.
            What kind of illogical thinking is that. You might be able to fool everyone into thinking you’re growing the scene, with your “please all” response but you’re nothing more than an opportunist.

          • Johan

            drgroen. Shake your head so that the 2 brain cells can wake up and read the post again. If you still struggle to understand then rather quit online gaming. Your post and reasoning is ridiculous and shows your level of intelligence. Lets test the you quick. So you would rather prefer that over a 100 dota teams sit at home for rage rather than to compete and socialize with the dota community. Rather than breaking down the community and just shouting and having a hissy fit about something you no nothing about(obviously) try and be moer insightful and look at the rest of the people than your self? Last thing are you competing in the DGL? Is your in in the DGC playoff? Cant wait to hear from you mate.

          • drgroen

            I’m arguing that these two events should be held on different dates. This literally negatively impacts competition by forcing the top teams to decide which tournament they want to play in. Hell why don’t we just host 10 tournaments on the same date? That way their can be 10 winners, right?

            You’re probably just a low skill player who like so many thinks that “hur now mr tems can win prize, not just bevede / eN / lib ” .

          • Johan

            I don’t even play dota. You see your problem is you still just shouting. Do you even read your own sh@t you post? Are you like a 15 year child trying to prove a invalid argument cause something isn’t going your way? Its simple actually. 2 Comps, much more teams, much more publicity(for dota in SA) , bigger prize pools, better sponsors. Have you sat down for a moment and thought about that maybe? and coming back to forcing teams? I see no where NGL or DGC is forcing anything? If you wanna compete in DGC then do so and the same goes for NGL. Your statement of “Low skill player” just proves how self centered you are in your own little world. I don’t want to tell you to grow up or develop some brain function but geez dude if you cant handle it then just let it go and leave the rest of the dota community at peace.

            BTW in what clan are you in? Dont be scared now. Please do tell.

    • Magiel de Lange

      from what i have read on the rules page @
      this is the same time as DGC so it means you will have to chose between DGC and NGL

  • HellbirD

    Oh hell yes!

  • Janseng

    Funny days :D Glad NGL is back

  • nAv_Diasima

    hey gents would love to reg for the tourney but get an error when trying to do so.
    Anybody else strugling?

  • Saint_Dee

    I’m keen for this tournament, whether it be playing watching. Will there be a Dota 2 ticket released, or will we rely solely on Twitch streams in order to follow the tournament? What is the actual procedure for getting a Dota 2 tournament ticket released? Because I think this should be start being the norm in terms of how tournament reach viewers, unless the process itself is a problem. Also, if an organization is interested in casting for the tournament, how would they go about it (I know nAv is headlining, but more casters can’t hurt)?

    • Guardien

      We have applied for a Dota 2 ticket through Steam. If you are interested in being involved in the casting you can email

      • Saint_Dee

        Hi, thanks for the info (took the suggested steps, now I wait). It really would be great if the ticket gets approved. The ability to watch in game and support the guys making these tourneys possible and even the teams is always great.

    • Noobc4ke


  • Marcov

    Going to get my Team And register

  • Jawid

    Any clan recruiting?

  • Michael James

    Because we always take these kind of things to heart I thought I’d also clarify a little and add to what NGL is saying. With regards to the NGL, DGL and rAge the thinking is always this, considering there is only so much to go around and the top teams always tend to win all the prizes, the goal of the NGL is to offer something cool to all those people that don’t end up in the top tiers of these competitions. You can’t have the same people winning everything all the time because that isn’t growth. We’d like to give the opportunity to those players that have potential and ability but just don’t get through to DGC a chance to see what it feels like to win a tournament and get something cool for playing games and living their passion. The DGL is a very important part of rAge and we have supported them since the beginning. They can’t grow as quickly as they’d like because there is a space limitation at the venue, but in 2015 we’re addressing that issue with an exciting announcement that gives everyone more breathing room and then we can have many more clans and players winning more stuff. TL;DR: The NGL is running a competition at rAge for anyone that isn’t playing in the DGL finals. This means more clans and gamers get more prizes over the whole weekend which is a good thing. Some people might see this as a negative because they won’t have the opportunity to win two sets of prizes. All we’re doing is giving more competitive gamers more opportunities to get something back for doing what they love.

    Michael James, Publisher NAG and IGN Africa, Senior Project Manager rAge.


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