All of us are familiar by now with downloadable content, otherwise known as DLC. We fought about it; we cried about it; we rejoiced about it. And finally we just accepted it as part of life. There has been much debate about DLC and, frankly, I’m not going to continue with that debate here. What I do want to rant about, though, is the apparent lack of appreciation from publishers towards their most loyal of fans.

What does this have to do with DLC, you might ask?

Well, I really began thinking about it when the GOTY edition of Borderlands 2 was announced. You know, the cheap version of a game released a year later with a lot of fancy goodies added? Well, if you don’t know yet what the GOTY edition includes, it basically includes: the game, all the Season Pass DLC, all of the limited pre-order DLC, and a few additional pieces. For perspective, according to Steam, it includes $104.90 worth of DLC. And it only costs $59.99.

Cash Cow

Why did this upset me?

Well, I was a rabid fan of the game. I pre-ordered it months before release, and bought it on the release day. I still remember the pain of paying R499.99 for a PC game. I then also bought the Season Pass for an additional $29.99. Today that would be R309.54. I paid a total of R809.53 for what was said at the time to be the full game and all of the story DLC that would be released.

2K, however, then saw how much money they were making with the digital purchases and started creating additional content to sell. I was fine with them creating skin packs and additional characters, because I was happy with the story DLC I had.

Publishers - Know the difference

It was only when they announced that they would be creating more story DLC outside of the Season Pass (which was now being called the Season 1 Pass by some), that I started to feel unappreciated. There I was, having spent double what most PC games cost at the time on their game, and they were trying to charge me more for content they said at first won’t exist.

And then finally the GOTY edition was announced.

All the DLC

Quick mental arithmetic tells me that to get everything in the GOTY pack I don’t have, I would have to spend an additional $14.98 (R155.06). That means that the loyal fan would have to pay R979.57 just to get everything in the GOTY edition, which is now available for R599.99. Is it just me, or am I the biggest fool in town? I would have expected publishers would be more thankful towards the fans that buy on launch and keep them in business.

I guess the lesson to learn here is that it is definitely worth just waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition of some games, at least until the publishers go bankrupt due to a lack of Day 1 sales.

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