UPDATE: Aaaaaand they’re all gone. Takealot has confirmed with us that their allocation of consoles has been snapped up already. You can however get in touch with them and your name will get added to their waiting list should there be any cancellations.

Original: If you were entranced by the PS4 Anniversary Edition in all its resplendent PS1 trappings, Takealot has got them on sale for a rather premium R7,999. Stock is, apparently, extremely limited so if you simply need that jaunty original PlayStation jingle in your life, go hit them up and order ASAP. There were only 12,300 manufactured, and each one is uniquely numbered; the resultant frenzy when the edition was originally unveiled last year resulted in some extraordinary prices being bid on them, although most of them pulled out after winning the auctions.

Anyway, hit it up if you’re interested. If you’re of a more pragmatic mind, however, the 1TB version is just around the corner, which could prove far more beneficial in the long run given the current install size of next-gen titles. There’s a video of the PS4 Anniversary Edition after the break.

Source: Takealot

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