rAge 2015: GeekXP wants to help level up your experience (stand #72)


Part of being someone who self-identifies as a nerd and a geek is that I like to gather up with other nerds in my area to continue the Marvel vs DC Comics debate. However, since I live in a surfing town that has as much gamer culture as there is water on Mars, this is rather difficult. If you live in some of the larger metropolitan areas, however, you might want to check out some of the nerdy events going on in your area, and GeekXP wants to help you enhance your experience going to, and participating in, geek culture.

At the GeekXP stand, number 72, the company will be relaunching their website, with a new look and feel. Visitors to their booth will be able to browse the newly launched site and enter in their details to stand a chance to win a trip to South East Asia, which will take you across a few locations explored in the Tomb Raider series. At rAge expo last year, GeekXP sent one lucky person for an anime tour in Japan. Video footage of that adventure will be shown off at the booth.

“On top of the website promotion, we’ll be demonstrating some cool augmented reality enabled comics and graphic novels produced by Anomaly Productions and Image Comics,” said Les Allen, GeekXP’s owner and manager. “We’ll also be promoting a range of geek-styled tours in conjunction with our travel partner, Wandering Free. As part of this, we’ll also be showcasing footage from San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con that was taken in July and August (respectively) this year.”

GeekXP offers geeks the chance to earn GXP credit through visiting and participating in events and gatherings that award GXP to attendees. These range from events like cosplay, to collectible card game tournaments for games like Magic: The Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. GXP is also purchasable with real money, at participating stores and, presumably, through GeekXP’s site when it relaunches at rAge. GXP credit can be redeemed for various items, including overseas trips that are curated and organised by GeekXP. Some of the trips listed on Wandering Free are very awesome, which include an Assassin’s Creed II-themed trip across the game’s locations in Italy, or a Lord of the Rings-themed tour of New Zealand.

Sadly, there’s no Mass Effect tours of space yet, but there’ll probably be something like that in the future, once SpaceX and Boeing gets their consumer space flight programs going steadily.

Visit: GeekXP.co.za