Hardware review: AORUS Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse


AORUS, if you’ve not noticed, is on a relentless drive to become one of the major players in gaming notebooks and peripherals. Their line-up is still relatively small, but it’s steadily expanding – and with each new product the company moves in the right direction, perfecting not only the build quality, but the usability of their products as well.

Technical specifications

Buttons: 14

Switches: Omron switches

Size: 116 x 70 x 44mm

Weight: 110g

Sensor: 8,200 DPI laser sensor

Maximum acceleration: 30g

Polling rate: 1,000Hz

Price and supplier information
Supplier: Aorus
Website: www.aorus.com
RRP: R1,099

The Thunder M7, which is a companion mouse to the Thunder K7 keyboard, is a specialized MMO gaming mouse and is not intended for use in FPS games. It’s a single-purpose tool and at that it does a fine job.

Physically, the specifications do not give you a complete picture as it is one chunky mouse. It’s tall and fairly wide, which you’d think makes it suitable for various grips. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, as despite its girth and height it’s comparatively short so those with larger hands will find it near impossible to use. If, however, you make use of a claw grip, then this shouldn’t bother you at all and in fact the mouse seems to make a lot more sense when used this way, regardless of how large your hand may be.

With a total of 14 buttons, you’ll need to lift your thumb to actuate many of the side buttons, something that works perfectly for this grip style. Even though the buttons are fairly close to each other, you’re unlikely to press any of them by mistake. The only buttons which do not work so well are the two just above the row of buttons on the left lateral face of the mouse. These two proved difficult to reach and as a result went largely unused during gameplay. Other than that you should have no problem with the mouse during your gaming.

Programming the Thunder M7 is as easy as can be, using the same software as the Thunder K7 keyboard. You can obviously record macros, assign button functions, set independent x- and y-axis sensitivity and save a maximum of five profiles. These profiles can be selected via a button on the right side of the mouse. With each click, the LED colour around the scroll wheel changes to reflect whatever profile you’ve selected. There are other lights on the mouse which lend themselves to the overall aesthetic appeal and can be configured as well. It is worth keeping in mind that this is not a full RGB LED mouse, therefore exhaustive configuration is simply not available and you’re limited to the brightness of the LED, setting a breathing effect and of course the colours of the LED as appropriate for the selected profile.


When you combine the high-quality matt plastic, LEDs and even weight distribution, the Thunder M7 feels fantastic. At 110g, all the weight is evenly spread, thereby negating issues associated with acceleration and inertia. There is no weight management system which is a shame, but given it’s near-perfect weight distribution this should not be a problem in the least.

It’s a high-end mouse and just about every aspect of the Thunder M7 speaks to this, including the impressive packaging, which you will want to keep.

The carrying case is perhaps far too large given how small the mouse is in relation, but it’s of such exceptional quality that it’s arguably one of the best, if not the best carrying case for any mouse we’ve come across, with its colour scheme matching that of the AORUS backpacks and apparel. This is a great package and the pricing is just right even though it’s a little on the expensive side.

As far as MMO mice are concerned, if you’re in the market, you’d do well to begin your search here for the ultimate MMO gaming mouse.

8As far as MMO gaming mice are concerned, the AORUS Thunder M7 is amongst the best money can buy.

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