Mobile Monday game review: Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys Cover

Pocket Mortys is a joke. Bear with me, Rick and Morty fans, because I don’t mean that in a bad way. Basically, it’s a joke that asks, “What happens when you combine Rick and Morty with Pokémon?” I think you’ll like the punchline.

Game info
Genre: Role-playing game
Platform/s: Android / iOS
Reviewed on: Android
Developer: Big Pixel Studios
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Distributor: xxx

I lied, there is no punchline. I needed a good way to end the opening paragraph, and I’d already said that thing about jokes, so that’s all I could come up with. But hey, you’re here now, so lets talk about Pocket Mortys.

Pocket Mortys is based on the hit animated show Rick and Morty. Truthfully, I’m not too familiar with the source material. Apparently two seasons of DVDs does not count as a valid “work expense” [Anyone else getting an overwhelming sense of déjà vu? – Ed.], and I only just found out that the show’s available on the Adult Swim website. However, I am very familiar with the Pokémon franchise that this game unapologetically cribs from.

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Pocket Mortys casts players as Rick, who must capture and train Mortys from other dimensions and use them in battle against other Mortys. The storyline quickly sees Rick involved in battles against the Council of Ricks, Ricks from multiple dimensions, who must all be defeated in Morty-combat. Only once all the Ricks have been defeated can Rick return to his home dimension. It’s a crazy storyline that’s quite entertaining, even to someone who hasn’t seen the TV show.

The game revolves around wandering various dimensions, capturing wild Mortys and doing battle. Battle is practically identical to Pokémon, right down to only having four attacks per Morty. Mortys can be swapped out in combat to share the experience points of victory. The game does differ from Pokémon in several subtle ways, most notably with the lack of random encounters in tall grass. Instead, catchable Mortys wander around in plain sight and must be chased down and battled. Caught Mortys follow Rick in a little conga line of slavery, which is a nice touch, and capturing sentient human and non-human beings also satirises exactly how messed-up Pokémon can be. The game takes a while to start dishing out capture devices, so your roster of Mortys will be quite small for some time.

Having a lack of random encounters means that endlessly grinding for levels is out of the question, meaning players will only be as strong as the game wants them to be at any particular point. Personally, my biggest gripe with the game is its lack of production value. The visuals are crisp and pretty, but battles lack visual effects and can look quite boring. The music and sound effects are also repetitive and rather forgettable.

Mortys 3

Even without being a fan of the show, there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had here. The familiar gameplay goes nicely with the zany premise, and the non-intrusive microtransactions don’t detract from the fun. Pocket Mortys is an enjoyable game that’ll keep you entertained for a good while.

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