Rebel Tech and Cooler Master partner up for exclusive MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA distribution


If you’ve paid much attention to my System Builder’s Guide over the years, you may be familiar with my number one complaint: chassis options are sparse. We don’t often get the new hotness, and it sometimes takes companies like Rebel Tech, Wootware, or Evetech to bring in high-end options on their own steam to give us the choice consumers crave. This week we’re getting that sweet stuff once again, thanks to a partnership between Cooler Master and Rebel Tech, with the pair working to bring Cooler Master’s MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA limited edition to South Africa.

“NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing and continues to be the best in GPU design. We are extremely delighted to be able to work together with NVIDIA to bring something really special to the gaming community,” said Crane Chen, Cooler Master case team manager.

The new chassis isn’t changed too much from the standard MasterCase Pro 5 design, which means that if you’re aiming for an NVIDIA-themed build, this might be up your alley. It’s a mid-tower design weighing 10.7kg, with enough space for a triple-GPU setup, two 5.25-inch drives in the front panel bays, up to five 3.5-inch hard drives, and two 2.5-inch SSDs (or seven 2.5-inch SSDs if you’d like to be really crazy). You can fit water-cooling radiators in the front, top, and rear fan mount locations if you’re so inclined, and there’s built-in cable management to keep things looking clean.

NVIDIA doesn’t go too crazy on the design, giving the side panels the Pascal treatment with sharp, almost trianglular shapes coming together to form the familiar logo, and providing a bit of contrast to the black plastic front of the MasterCase Pro 5. The top cover also gets a bit of green added on, but the grille up top is still painted black. The front I/O panel is also pained green, and the clear plexi on the side has a green tint.

Internally nothing gets touched, and the same mix of black and dark grey persists throughout the chassis. It doesn’t come with fancy LED schemes, special fans exclusive to this design, or anything like that. It’s just a stock MasterCase Pro 5 with some bling added to the formula. Perhaps it’ll be enough for someone to set up a green-white theme inside to keep everything matched. That would be an awesome build.

If you’re interested, you can find the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA edition on Rebel Tech for R2,349 at the time of publishing this article. That’s only R149 more than the standard MasterCase Pro 5, which has a much more understated look to it. Both come with a two-year warranty, and carry the build quality that Cooler Master has been so well known for.

Now if only they’d do this for the N400 Advanced…

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