E3 2017: Sony PlayStation Media Showcase highlights

E3 2015 and 2016 were some of Sony’s strongest shows in recent memory, particularly with that incredible live orchestra last year. E3 2017 is a lot more subdued for Sony this time around. Some new games were shown off with little fanfare, and others received the bare minimum of love from the show’s MC, Shawn Layden, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Still, there were new things to talk about, so lets dive into it.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gets a story trailer

Naughty Dog may be busy on The Last of Us 2 as I type this, but its other franchise, Uncharted, is winding down and being sent off into the setting sun (at least for the original protagonists Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan). Uncharted: The Lost Legacy follows Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross deep into India to retrieve an artifact that, inevitably, holds some kind of power which the bad guys want. Chloe’s character always deserved some fleshing out, and this is Naughty Dog’s take on a badass tomb-raiding, black-market-antiquity-dealing female heroine that isn’t Lara Croft.

The Lost Legacy launches on 22 August 2017, playable on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Horizon Zero Dawn gets its first expansion

Horizon Zero Dawn is a well-loved title at the moment, and it’s one of Guerilla Games’ best games to date. Its first expansion coming in the second half of 2017, The Frozen Wilds, will see players take Aloy on a new adventure into far-off lands taken over by snow and blizzards, in a quest to find more answers about her world, and her role in it.

Days Gone has another extended gameplay trailer

Sony Bend Studios has been busy on zombie survival horror Days Gone, and this new extended gameplay trailer has a bit of story and a look at some of the mechanics players can use to their advantage against their enemies. Days Gone should be a 2017 release, but Sony has not committed to a date yet.

Monster Hunter World coming to PS4

Sony announced Monster Hunter World on the stage and showed off the game’s first trailer. Monster Hunter World is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC platforms. Maybe there’ll be a Switch version if Nintendo asks nicely. The game is set for an early 2018 launch (which probably means Q2 2018), and will feature four-player co-op multiplayer as well as a drop-in-drop-out system for players to join their friends at a whim.

It’s an interesting take on the series, but Sony doesn’t have any exclusive content or any timed content for themselves.

Shadow of the Colossus comes to PS4

Surprisingly, Sony slipped in an announcement for Shadow of the Colossus, remastered for the PlayStation 4. They didn’t mention it at all during the conference, and the game will arrive sometime in 2018. This is probably in the very, very early stages of the project. Here’s hoping that it’s a 4K remaster as well!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gets another story trailer and a demo

Another non-exclusive revealed during the show, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite‘s second story trailer accompanies the launch of a demo for the story mode, available now on the PlayStation Store.

Call of Duty World War II has a new multiplayer trailer

Activision’s Call of Duty franchise returns to the second World War, and it looks great. The game launches on 3 November 2017, and pre-orders are available now with early private beta access (not that I’m encouraging you to pre-order, on the contrary).

All the PlayStation VR games were bundled together

Sony did not waste time on indie montages or extended looks at PlayStation VR games. The trailers were all short and to the point. Supermassive Games had two titles revealed today with The Inpatient (a prequel to Until Dawn) and Bravo Team, a respin of the old Timesplitters formula. Also announced was Moss, a platforming game where you alter levels and solve puzzles to help a mouse on his journey; The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR; Final Fantasy’s Monster of the Deep (literally the only VR game I can’t explain with a straight face), and Star Child, a space exploration adventure. All of these games should be launching this year.

Moar God of War 4!

As if anyone could honestly want less God of War in their life. Also, it turns out that the Norse gods really have it in for Kratos. Maybe its the beard?

Moar Destiny 2!

Activision is making the most of their time on stage here. Destiny 2 launches on 6 September 2017, and it’s looking quite spectacular.

Detroit: Become Human gameplay and story trailer

David Cage’s latest decision-making simulator lets you make more decisions in Detroit: Become Human. I really like the premise of an android uprising, and the game offers you multiple ways to complete the story, picking the path of a resistance leader on a warpath, or a peaceful protester fighting for freedom while trying desperately to preserve life. It’s still a David Cage game though.

Finally, extended gameplay for Spider-Man

This looks great, just great. The 2018 launch date makes me very sad though. Like, there’s this void in my existence that has been forever created after playing Neversoft’s Spider-Man, which would be perfectly filled by this game right now.

That’s all from the Sony PlayStation E3 media showcase. Sony very obviously called it a showcase because while it had new games on show, some of their heavy-hitters weren’t on display. We’ll have to wait until the Paris Games Show to see more, I think.

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