We finally have an Incredibles 2 trailer

I think we can all agree that The Incredibles is top-notch stuff, and easily one of the best superhero films ever. It perfectly captured the essence of its genre, while also parodying it, and really, the only downside is that it’s taken this long to see a sequel, while other Disney products like Camp Rock keep spawning follow-ups. However, we finally have a teaser trailer for The Incredibles 2, and it looks pretty cool.

It’s a really short trailer, and it doesn’t do much to establish the story for the sequel besides super-baby Jack Jack waddling around and gleefully firing eye-lasers. In the previous film, the climax was resolved when Jack Jack suddenly demonstrated a diverse range of abilities which had previously been dormant. Sorry about the spoilers, but you’ve had 13 years to watch the film, so this one is on you.

According to a panel from Disney’s D23 (courtesy of Polygon), writer and director Brad Bird stated that The Incredibles 2 will follow right after the end of the first movie. The focus is now on Elastigirl (voiced again by Holly Hunter) who is off doing superhero stuff while Mr. Incredible (voiced by the returning Craig T. Nelson) stays home to mind the baby. The baby who is now bursting into flames and shooting holes through the wall.

The Incredibles 2 strikes a heroic pose on 14 July 2018. It also features the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, and Sarah Vowel as Violet.

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