Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer highlights new features

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are planned to be the last outing for the franchise on the 3DS. Judging by a recently released trailer, it’s going out with a bang. The updates to 2016’s Sun and Moon have added a range of new features that update the base games and draw on the franchise’s 21 year history.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon don’t function as sequels to the base games, but rather as expansions, giving newcomers and veterans more to do. The trailer gives a brief overview of the idyllic Alola island chain, which serves as the setting. Unlike continental Pokémon titles, gym battles are not a thing here, and progress is instead made through the Island Challenge. Shaking up the storyline is the arrival of Necrozma, who is bent on stealing light from the world, while other plot additions come in the form of the ability to jump between dimensions and visit alternate realities.

This leads us to the coolest new feature. Instead of including a few region-specific legendaries and a themed criminal organisation, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has all of them. Original villain Giovanni has rebranded Team Rocket as Team Rainbow Rocket, described in the trailer as “a rogues gallery of past leaders from the world’s most ruthless organisations”. Every legendary from all the generations can now be battled and caught. Yep, even the lame ones like Thundurus or Regirock.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are available now for the 3DS family of systems.