Salvation is a shot away in Oxenfree developer’s next project, Afterparty

Have any of you played Oxenfree? You should, as it’s a genuinely intriguing and endearing adventure game in the spirit of a teen horror movie, made by ex-Telltale developers. It’s one of my favourite games, and one of the few that I immediately replayed. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Afterparty, the next title from the same developers. It’s got a simple premise that should be familiar to all gamers – your protagonists have gone to Hell, and must outdrink the devil to earn their lives back.

Wait, that’s not a familiar premise at all! That’s unique, quirky, and fiercely original! The story follows two young protagonists, Milo and Lola, who passed away and have been damned to Hell. However, all is not lost, and they learn that beating Satan himself in a drinking game is enough to send them back to Earth. Honestly, I’m surprised this isn’t a Tenacious D song instead of a game.

Very little has been revealed of the game and its gameplay. The official website mentions that it’s a mystery why Milo and Lola are in Hell at all, and that will form part of the story. Otherwise, some concept art reveals that Hell is a lively place, with numerous taverns, bars, and open mic nights. Judging by Oxenfree, Afterparty will likely be heavily narrative focused, with some mild puzzle solving and multiple endings.

Afterparty will be knocking them back in 2019, so we can expect footage and confirmation of supported platforms to be revealed in the new year.

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