Plantronics RIG 600 headset review

This headset saved my life.

There I was, parachuting into hell – me and 98 other people. I usually choose quiet areas, somewhere away from the early-game chaos and mayhem so I can grab a few guns, get some kit, and start planning my strategy. I normally prefer using my trusty desktop speakers, but today I was wearing this headset from Plantronics. The approach was good, and I landed near a group of houses to the left of a quarry near the coast. It’s usually deserted. But not this time.

Technical specifications

Headphone weight: 247g

Headphone drivers: Dynamic 40mm

Compatibility: PC / PS4 / XBO / mobile

Cable length: 1.3 metres

Cable connector: 3.5mm stereo jack / 3.5mm dual Y-adapter

Price and supplier information
Supplier: Plantronics
RRP: R1,349 (excluding vat)

I heard crunching footsteps on the grass behind me, and turned around just in time to dodge a jumping punch to the back of my neck. Another player had tried to sneak up on me, which was surprising because I’d checked the sky around me just before I landed. I have no idea where he/she came from. I ran for the door, got inside and closed it behind me. My enemy opened the door, but I’d already picked up a handgun – with no bullets. We spent some time running around a table in the middle of the room, until I eventually managed to grab a handful of bullets. I headed for the door, reloading as I ran. By the time he/she came after me, I was ready, and promptly fed him/her a tasty lead sandwich. It was almost too convenient that the first game I tried (PUBG, obviously) [Yaaawn. – ed.] using these headphones reminded me just how useful a good set of speakers near your ears can be.

Cool survival stories aside, let’s talk about this sexy headset.

We found this awesome “lifestyle” shot of someone pretending to use a RIG 600 to “play games”, or “make toast”, or whatever. It’s kinda surprising that the controller’s not being held upside-down. Obviously, we couldn’t bring ourselves to NOT use the image in the review.

The Plantronics RIG 600 can be used with your Xbox, PS4, PC, or mobile device, and pretty much anything else that accepts a 3.5mm audio jack. It ships with two cables: one has a noise-cancelling boom microphone attached to it, and the other is just for audio. Both cables have inline controls for toggling mute and adjusting volume, but you should also note that the cable is only 1.3 metres long. If you plug these into the back of your PC, you may run a little short (but this depends on your setup, obviously).

The headset itself looks good, accenting its all-black finish with a gold trim, and it’s very light, weighing in at just 247.1 grams. Besides being light on the head, you can also adjust either side by approximately 5cm – so anyone with giant hair or an abnormally large skull will still be able to wear it comfortably. The headband and the bits that go over your ears are super-soft, and are perforated to allow them to breathe, so you don’t get them all sweaty. The soft, padded cups are pleasantly comfortable, even if you wear glasses. Overall, the RIG 600 is so light and easy to wear that you’ll forget you have it on.

Comfort isn’t the only area where the headset excels – the audio performance is superb as well. The RIG 600 is powered by two 40mm drivers that deliver solid sound in all departments. They’re crisp and clear enough to hear subtle sounds like people sneaking up on you, and powerful enough to deliver solid, thumping bass when listening to music or enjoying the sound of gunfire. Before you ask: there isn’t any software supplied with this kit, it’s purely plug-and-play. The RIG 600 is well balanced, elegantly simple, and does the job without any fuss.

9This headset is versatile, lightweight and sounds great. Unless you have very specific audio requirements, you won’t need more than this. The RIG 600 is perfect for anyone who plays games across multiple platforms.

Sonic the Hedgehog is going to spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace