Can a robot write a script?

Do you remember that scene from I, Robot when Detective Del Spooner is interrogating Sonny the robot? During their exchange, the detective asserts that robots can never be like humans because their capabilities and even their potential for accomplishment are pre-programmed, whereas humans have unlimited potential. He gets real philosophical about it, eventually asking “Can a robot write a symphony?”, to which Sonny responds “Can you?” Well, we may not have a symphony on our hands with the script that this AI wrote, but we sure do have… something. 

In what may one day count as cruel and unusual punishment under the Global Artificial Intelligence Rights Accord but is currently just hilarious, a fellow named Keaton Patti has been having an AI create scripts after making it watch reruns. Previously the AI was prompted to create scripts for a new Saw movie and for an Olive Garden commercial. Now, Keaton (@KeatonPatti on Twitter) has unveiled its latest creation – a script for an episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting.

I don’t think even Norman the psychopath AI could come up with anything this surreal.

Via Geeks Are Sexy.

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