noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair review

I’ve wanted a gaming chair for a while now. I fought through the numerous forumites online who told me it’s a waste of money, and inevitably decided that I NEED a gaming chair. With my heart set on spending more money than any sane person would on a chair, I headed down to Evetech on a busy Saturday afternoon to see what they had on offer (spoiler alert: I already knew EXACTLY what they had on offer).

Technical specifications

Max load: 120kg

Backrest angle: 90° to 135°

Backrest height: 87cm

Seat depth: 56.5cm

Seat width: 56cm

Materials: Steel (frame), aluminium (base), top grain leather (coverings), cold foam (upholstery), nylon/polyurethane (casters), polyurethane (armrests)

Price and supplier information
Supplier: Evetech
RRP: R7,700 (R5,500 for PU leather)

After trying out a few chairs, my ass and back told me that there was really only one chair worth considering: the noblechairs EPIC. My desire to lord my purchase over my friends meant that the PU leather option wouldn’t suffice, and thus I was forced to buy the real leather version. And that’s the story of how I handed over R7,700 of my hard-earned cash for a gaming chair. At this point I’m wondering if my editor has fallen off his chair. [It’s adorable that you think we’ve got chairs, or even know how to use them. Here at the NAG office, we just use cardboard boxes crammed full of hungry rats as furniture. – ed.]

That was three months ago.

The noblechairs EPIC Real Leather is a large, heavy chair. Once you manage to get the 27kg box into your house, you’ll quickly see why it’s so heavy. The entire frame of the chair is steel which adds considerable weight, but even the aluminium base is solid and feels like it could be used to bludgeon someone to death. Assembling it is easy enough, but just in case you battle, the instruction book is well-written and should definitely be followed.

After assembly, it’s time to attach the lumbar and neck cushions, both of which are covered in velvet and come with the necessary straps to fix them to the chair. Due to the design of the chair, the neck pillow is limited in its placement. It’s fine for my 6’5” frame, but it might be a bit oddly placed for shorter people. I’d say anyone above 5’5” (1.65m) should be able to enjoy the neck pillow. The lumbar cushion placement can be adjusted to wherever you need the support. My only complaint is that it tends to get significantly squashed with extended use, but that may be due to my weight.

When it’s new the chair’s cushioning is very firm, not to the point of causing discomfort, but enough to make your rear end take note that it’s being supported. After a few months it softens up, and now I’d call it the most comfortable chair in my home. I’ve actually lost count the number of times I’ve come home and fallen asleep in this chair – it’s simply that comfortable.

The mechanisms take some time to master, because you can adjust the amount of tilt you want as well as the angle of the backrest, which takes a day or two to get used to. The gas lifter takes the seat to a maximum height of 60cm, which is more than enough for 99% of people and helps you fine-tune the chair to your needs. The backrest reclines to an angle of 135°, but once you factor in the tilt, the backrest can be at 180°. Surprisingly, even at this fully reclined position with the chair tilting back, it still feels solid and stable. Not once in the last few months have I felt like I was going to tip over in the EPIC.

The noblechairs EPIC is a truly great chair. Do you need the real leather version? The short answer is no. Will you want it for bragging rights? Absolutely. Since the real leather version is over R2,000 more expensive, it’s difficult to recommend it over the PU variant. Of all the gaming chairs I’ve seen and sat in, the EPIC is by far the best – and that’s why I was happy to buy it. For larger people the weight limit of 120kg may be an issue – but in that case, consider the noblechairs ICON, which supports up to 150kg but lacks the neck pillow.

9This is a truly EPIC gaming chair that sports the luxury some people want in their lives: real leather.

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