Be all the Planeswalker you can be with the latest addition to D&D

It’s an amazing time to be alive, you can bring up Dungeons & Dragons at a party and your fellow conversationalist will, more than likely, not flee from your sight with the retreating cry of neeeeeeeeerd in their wake. This acceptance is due, in part, to celebrity endorsements by Vin Diesel and my favourite werewolf, Joe Manganiello, but also the nostalgia behemoth chugging through popular culture at the moment. Odds are that you know someone who has started up, or wants to start, a D&D group. Next thing you know, you’ll also be digging up your old Magic: The Gathering cards. Why not do both?

Everyone loves a crossover episode, so, last year, Wizards of the Coast introduced the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica D&D campaign. Ravnica being a Magic: The Gathering block released in 2005. However, the campaign didn’t include Planeswalkers as a background or subclass, nor did it detail the importance of the colours. Weak. Enter, Planeswalkers of Ravnica, a new supplement by Christopher Willett. This supplement details rules for incorporating both Planeswalkers and their colours into a Ravnica campaign.

The Planeswalker is a background, so it can be used with any class. Players choose a particular magic type which grants access to a set of spells associated with different colours. Each colour is also associated with certain alignments, races, and classes. All of D&D’s existing spells are even categorised by colour type. So gather your fellow humans and let your nerd flag fly. I mean, when you have time, what with work, and the baby, also we’re painting the cattery that weekend, maybe the week after next? Does that work for everyone? I’ll make a WhatsApp group…

At least you don’t have to lurk in the AV room at break anymore.

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