Evetech Lekker XXL gaming mousepad review

880mm x 440mm x 5mm
Cloth with rubber base

With the rand losing its value fast and my bank balance being barely enough to sustain my need to eat I have decided to go on a mission. It’s time we took a serious look at the budget-friendly gear available on our shores, and thus for the next few months I will be reviewing things we can all afford.

A few years back I spent R1000 on an Aorus Thunder P3 Extended mousepad but right now it is sitting in my cupboard. Adorning my desk instead is the Evetech Lekker XXL mousepad, which has forced me to sit and contemplate how my R1000 mousepad is equalled by a mousepad that cost one fifth the price. Honestly, it upsets me.

XXL-sized mousepads have been around for a few years but it seems I was sleeping when the prices plummeted. R199 for a mouse pad that’s only 120mm shy of being a meter long and which is deep enough to cover 80% of my desk makes me feel like I got ripped off three or so years ago. The Evetech Lekker XXL is the most aptly named mouse pad this side of planet Earth, and features a large version of the Evetech logo (there are other versions of this pad that carry other designs) but it’s not garish in any way.

The rubberised base means that there is no slippage when you are actively using it and the mat is thick enough to provide decent cushioning when you rest your arm on it. The surface is as close to a speed mat as one would need for every day gaming and the edges are nicely stitched, so they won’t fray. All-round it’s just a lekker mousepad.

Frankly, the Evetech Lekker XXL gaming mousepad is worth every damn cent of its lekker asking price. I am hard-pressed to come up with a reason one would need to spend anything more than R199 on a mousepad.

A massive mouse pads that has a very small price tag. Worth every single cent.
Large size
Cheap price
Excellent surface
Diablo 1 Title
Get in a game of browser Diablo while you can