Marvo KG909 mechanical gaming keyboard review

Outemu Blue
50 million key presses
Full RGB

How cheap can a mechanical keyboard be? If you said R299, then it’s likely that you read the specifications block and my attempt to build suspense was ruined. Thanks. But on a serious note, can R299 get you a proper mechanical gaming keyboard without any compromise? The answer, frankly, is no.

(Suspenseful, wasn’t it?)

If your budget is so tight that spending R299 on a mechanical keyboard is all you can muster, then you have to understand that you’ll be making some compromises. Firstly, the Marvo KG909 is rather light and feels a little flimsy. There’s some flex to it, and it didn’t sit very still when I typed this review – but that’s not to say that it feels as cheap as its price would imply. The Outema blue mechanical switches are a cheaper option, but I would argue they feel surprisingly good for a cheap switch. They are tactile with a very crisp response and a softer noise than the Cherry MX blues, but they do sound “tinnier” at the end, which does hint at their cost effectiveness.

The backlighting is very vivid, but you are limited to the effects pre-programmed into the keyboard due to the lack of options in the software. The effects on offer are also a bit lacklustre and range from options that are subtle to others that makes me feel like I am tripping on acid. If you are buying this keyboard it won’t be for the RGB effects.

Is the Marvo KG909 worth your R299? If R299 is all you can spend then you are likely to not be disappointed but if you have a few extra rands I would recommend opting for the Gamdias Hermes P2 – the extra R400 is worth it.

A cheap gaming keyboard for those who won’t or can’t spend more than R300.
Cheap as chips
Decent switches
Very limited lighting control
Software only handles macros
Mortal Shell
If you liked Dark Souls, you’ll probably be into Mortal Shell