Logitech G703 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse review

Right-handed ergonomic
35-60 hours
Logitech SA

Not too long ago, gamers would snub their noses at fancy new wireless peripherals launched by brands who touted it as the next big thing. The main reason was that wireless gaming peripherals just could not keep up with their wired counterparts when it comes to device responsiveness and accuracy. Today, however, things are vastly different and wireless hardware can, for the most part, compete favourably with wired devices.

Case in point is the new Logitech G703 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse that offers all the functionality you could want from a gaming mouse, wrapped in a rather unassuming form factor and aimed at right-handed gamers.

At first glance, you’ll notice the G703 sports a matte black finish and a very ordinary-looking design compared to some of Logitech’s other mice in their gaming range. In fact, the G703 is the wireless upgrade to the G403, and looks identical in shape and size. There are six programmable buttons on this mouse which include the two main buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, two thumb buttons on the left-hand side and a DPI switch. The buttons feel very responsive with a satisfying click and response on each button. The scroll wheel features a soft rubber finish with a ridged design offering a tactile grip when scrolling.

For RGB fans, Logitech also included two RGB lights on this mouse. The first is situated in the scroll wheel while the other is embedded in the Logitech logo which is situated on the palm rest.

As you’d expect from a wireless mouse, the box includes a 1.8m USB cable used to charge and power the G703. Using a modified connector with a micro-USB cable, the cable feels secure when connected and won’t come loose without a firm pull. You can also use a normal micro-USB cable in a pinch, but the connection won’t sit as firm.

At the bottom of the mouse, you’ll find the power switch and a round, removable flap in which you can add an additional 10g of weight to your mouse using the supplied weights.

This mouse is also one of the first devices that support Logitech’s new Powerplay wireless charging system. Should you be lucky enough to get your hands on Logitech’s new Powerplay mousepad, you’ll never have to charge this mouse manually again.

The battery life on the G703 is excellent considering how much time I spend in front of my PC each day. Although the Logitech spec list says around 35 hours of usage per charge with the RGB on, and around 60 hours with the RGB lights off, I only charged this mouse once a week with heavy use. Of course, I keep the RGB lights on to match the hue of the RGB lights on my Alienware notebook – it’s a match made in heaven.

To configure the G703, you make use of Logitech’s G Hub software to manage the RGB lighting, programmable buttons and update the firmware should it be needed. You can also configure the DPI switch and which setting you’d like to activate when pressing the DPI button.

When it comes to working performance, the G703 delivers great results for both design work and gaming. The mouse’s traction on almost any workable surface is great, and response time in games is indistinguishable from corded mice. I also appreciated the high DPI of this mouse with Adobe applications like Photoshop and Premier Pro – the accuracy and precision blew my old mouse out of the water.

I’ve been using the G703 for around two months now, and it's allowed me to enjoy a few quick office games during the day and get right back to my work all while maintaining smooth and accurate performance. If you’ve been thinking about getting a wireless mouse for your notebook or desktop PC, the G703 is well worth a look.
Battery time
Reponse time
Additional extra weight can be added
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