The guy who invented cut, copy, and paste has been deleted from the clipboard of existence

Computer scientist, Stanford University alumnus, and Silicon Valley OG Lawrence Gordon Tesler has died at 72. Press CRTL-X, CTRL-C, and CTRL-V to pay respects.

Tesler, whose résumeé includes time at Xerox, Apple, and Amazon, was responsible for the now very standard cut, copy, and paste commands in contemporary OSes. According to the BBC, this new-in-1973 data process was “based on the old method of editing in which people would physically cut portions of printed text and glue them elsewhere”, and was first introduced on the Mac Lisa.

From 2009, Tesler was employed as a UX consultant making use of his “decades of experience in the technology industry as an executive, entrepreneur, software engineer and researcher” in San Francisco, California, San Francisco, California, San Francisco, California.

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