CoD: Modern Warfare Tomogunchi

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new virtual pets feed off death

True Fact: Whenever you see a special forces person raise their arm, they’re actually checking on their virtual pet. CAPTAIN SNUGGLES CRAVES ONLY KILLS.

The very serious and realistic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has introduced an in-game virtual pet, called the Tomogunchi, that you need to look after by making sure its fed, clean, happy, and satisfied with your kill count. It’s all very serious and realistic and this is what happens when you let millennials into the special forces.

The Tomogunchi takes the form of an adorable creature (so far we’ve seen a dog, panda, and ghost) and craves sustenance in the form of kills, objective scoring, killstreaks, and wins. The player has to constantly engage with their pet while playing the game or it will become sad and unruly and, eventually, die. Each pet has their own special needs when it comes to evolution, so you’ll have to play to find out what your Tomogunchi likes best.

It certainly feels like Activision has lost track of time and thinks it’s April, but this is an actual in-game item that you can purchase from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare store for 1000 CP or $10.

Is Activision okay? Maybe someone should check on them.

Via SlashGear.

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