Elijah Wood visited a fan’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons island to sell his turnips

In this week’s edition of Some Celebrities Are Actually Totally Normal People, the Lord of the Rings actor dropped into a multiplayer session with other totally normal people just trying to get a hot deal on fresh veggies like everybody else.

First, some context. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, turnips work as a sort of supplementary economy. On Sundays, NPC vendor Daisy Mae sells turnips at a random price. Players can purchase these turnips, and over the next week, the price to re-sell them on to the Nooklings Timmy and Tommy fluctuates – from lower than the original purchase price to, potentially, much more. It’s an opportunity to make bank in the game, but it’s also a precarious prospect – sell too soon, and you could miss out. Keep waiting until the weekend, and your turnips are compost.

Inevitably, this has become a thing in the Animal Crossing scene, and players advertise their island’s current turnip rates on the internet so other players can shop for a big payday – sometimes queuing for hours at a time.

Yesterday, Twitter user Jessa‘s turnips were re-selling at 599 Bells, a very lucrative opportunity for players who’d purchased them for a lot less. Players like Elijah Wood.

Who, besides being the guy who volunteered to save Middle-Earth, is also a super courteous guest, and even asked nicely before looting her fruit trees for some bonus swag.

“I freaked out! I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Jessa tells BuzzFeed. “I thought it was such a random, sincere gesture. I couldn’t believe it until he was really on my island and still responding to me.”

I mean, for 599 Bells per turnip, you’re queen for the day – and Frodo Baggins knows his manners.

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