For the past two years, a group of documentary film makers have been collecting interviews with the gaming industry’s most influential developers. Their plan is to create a repository of micro interviews that are loaded with inspirations and insight for everyone who is in some way a part of the industry. That means the website is for you, person who plays video games; it’s also for you, person who makes or one day hopes to make video games.

The website and project describes itself as “a panoramic overview of the contemporary state of the video game medium, Critical Path unites luminaries from all sides of the industry as they offer insights into their craft and reflect on how the medium has come to define itself.”

The 121 interviews have been distilled from more than 30 hours of footage. The bite-sized clips range in length from 30 seconds to two minutes, and include very open commentary from people like Todd Howard, Ken Levine, Peter Molyneux, Cliff Bleszinski, John Carmack and Hideo Kojima – to name but a fraction of developers who have taken part.

Project lead David Grabias explains the reasoning behind Critical Path as such: “We want to provide a documentary-based venue for critical discussion about the art of making video games. We hope to provide developers with a place where they can come for nuggets of inspiration. We also want to provide players with insight into their game experience, and hopefully make them aware of the great minds behind the great games. Finally, we feel we are in a fascinating era in game development. We want to document it for future generations.”

Eventually, Grabias plans to release a TV documentary that makes use of further footage from these interviews. Critical Path, however, is live right now so you can hand-pick your snack-sized insights at your leisure.

Source: Critical Path
Via: Joystiq