Is this controller the PS4’s new DualShock?


Destructoid has managed to get hold of a picture of what could be the new DualShock controller for the unannounced PlayStation 4. For weeks now, rumours have been doing the rounds that the PS4 controller will feature a built-in touchscreen, which you can see in the image above. It’s been suggested that this image is of a prototype controller and that it is entirely legit.

A number of things worth pointing out: the D-pad on the left looks to be made out of one piece of plastic rather than the individual directional buttons found on previous DualShock controllers. That’s not a good thing, because those individual directional buttons made fighting games that much better on PS3; compare that to the D-pad on the Xbox 360 controller, which was rubbish enough for Microsoft to correct in subsequent iterations of their controller. Then, it looks like there’s a speaker grill just below what is assumed to be the touchscreen. That’s a leaf out of Nintendo’s Wii Remote and GamePad book right there. And then, let’s point out the elephant in the room, shall we? What’s up with the blue light in the top of the controller? Are we looking at PlayStation Move support built directly into the new DualShock?

Loads of questions, tons of speculation and a hype train that’s gaining some serious momentum. Here’s hoping next week’s special Sony press conference isn’t to announce a new Wonderbook license agreement or something.

Source: Destructoid