Want PlayStation 4 games? Well ok then!


During last night’s two-hour PlayStation 4 reveal event, Sony trotted out a number of titles that would be gracing their new hardware’s optical drive. A couple of obvious IPs made a return; after all, what would a new PlayStation announcement be without a fancy new Killzone game to show off the hardware’s capabilities?

Instead of posting an article on each game, we’ve rounded them all up for you right here. After the jump, you’ll find embedded trailers for each of the seven titles shown off at the event. There were a couple of surprises that weren’t given screen time, such as the announcement that Diablo III would be heading to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as well as the announcement that Square Enix is (unsurprisingly!) working a new Final Fantasy exclusively for Sony’s new baby.

Additionally, developers like Tim Schafer (Double Fine), Tameem Antoniades (Ninja Theory) and Alex Rigopulos (Harmonix) all made an appearance to talk about how awesome the PlayStation 4 is, but none of them actually said anything about what they’re making (if anything) for the new system. For more developers confirmed to be on-board the PlayStation 4 train, check out the logos in that header image.

First up we have Deep Down, which is a working title (codename) for now. This new IP from Capcom looks like their answer to Demons Souls / Dark Souls with medieval blokes fighting massive monsters in creepy underground caves. Get a load of the lighting though.

Confirming what everyone thought, Bungie was on hand to showcase their upcoming, totally-not-an-MMO-shooter Destiny, which is coming to current-gen consoles and the PlayStation 4. Obviously it’s coming to the next Xbox as well, but that console is yet to be announced.

Then for you petrol-heads there’s DriveClub, which is somewhat of a surprise considering how heavily rumoured Gran Turismo 6 was prior to the PS4 reveal. Be that as it may, here’s a new racing game series; let’s hope it sticks around longer than other new racing game IPs from this generation.

The PlayStation 3 launched a number of excellent new IPs, one of which was inFamous. The PlayStation 4 looks to continue the franchise with inFamous: Second Son. Details are slim at the moment, but it looks like you’re playing a guy called Delsin Rowe, and instead of lightning powers ala Cole, you’ve got fire powers. You’ll have to fight against the D.U.P (Department of Unified Protection), which is rounding up people with special powers, and locking them up. Sounds very X-Men to me, but considering how bloody awful recent X-Men games have been, we’ll let developer Sucker Punch have this one.

Killzone makes a return with a new entry subtitled Shadow Fall. As usual it’s visually stunning but this time around Sony made sure that the person demoing the title was on stage with controller in hand. No “target renders” passed off as “actual gameplay” here (as was the case when Killzone 2 made its debut at E3 2005 alongside the newly announced PlayStation 3).

What’s a new Sony console without a helping of cute? New IP Knack has this base covered. If you didn’t know that this was a video game, you’d be excused for thinking that the trailer below was for a new Disney/Pixar film. Also: physics!

Want some new Watch_Dogs (an underscore? Really Ubi?) gameplay footage? Of course you do! Ubisoft confirmed that their upcoming, open world hacking game is coming to current-gen consoles (including Wii U), but it’ll also be on PlayStation 4. Here’s what it’s going to look like:

Finally, in a move to show Sony’s undying love of indie developers, Jonathan Blow (he of Braid fame) hopped up on stage to announce that his long-in-development-next-big-thing would be debuting on PlayStation 4. You can check out the latest, colour-saturated trailer below.

So there you have it! The PlayStation 4 is just getting started but there are already some awesome games heading our way. One glaring omission: The Last Guardian. Where on Earth has that game disappeared to, Sony? Prior to the PS4 reveal, it was rumoured that The Last Guardian would be announced as a PS4 launch title. I’m now utterly depressed that it wasn’t.